NHS ‘could save £635m by prescribing time in nature’!  

New analysis published from The Wildlife Trust’s report: ‘A Natural Health Service: Improving Lives and Saving Money’, found that green prescribing can save more in healthcare costs than the price of running a green prescribing scheme!  

Dom Higgins, head of health and education at The Wildlife Trusts, added:

“This new research proves the immense value of nature-based projects for improving individual health and helping to ease the burden on the NHS. Nature is an essential part of health and social care, but we are not maximising that potential. Green prescribing works and the more we can develop these kinds of programmes, the greater the benefit to society.

We need more investment for community-based health services and clear backing from Government for green prescribing. Ahead of the election, we’ll be paying close attention to how policies on the dots between nature, health, and social inequalities. The evidence is clear –investing in nature makes sense for people, our health service, and the economy.”

Click here to read the full report which includes lots of lovely stats in support of all things GSP!