You don’t have to collect information about the impact your nature-based activity makes, providing the activity in the first place can make the world of difference! However, if you would like to be more involved in Green Social Prescribing in the future, measuring certain things could be beneficial.

Collecting participant responses can:

  • Highlight how much of a difference you and your team are making
  • Provide you with the opportunity to adjust your delivery to provide an even better service
  • Providing evidence for future funding opportunities

Wherever possible, you should collect answers to questions before someone starts your nature-based activity and at several time points from then on.

When measuring wellbeing, you could consider using some of the resources below, however, don’t hesitate to ask open questions where people can write what they want to. Just remember to use the same questions each time you ask for participant views so you can measure change.

These resources were inspired by the Dartmouth COOP Charts and shows just how easily you can create your own, tailored to your groups needs.

We recommend that these charts are completed every 6-10 weeks in order to measure changes in wellbeing.