Not everyone is referred to nature-based activities by a GP or Link Worker, many will sign up by themselves, acknowledging that taking part in your group may help improve their own health and wellbeing.

It is helpful to provide a sign-up form before participants arrive, so that you can gather some essential information as well as ask some optional, personal questions, which may help you understand their needs better.

Remember that any data you collect will need to be GDPR compliant, so make sure you have a data protection policy in place before requesting any personal information.

Below is a template form you can adapt or replicate as an online sign-up form.


A few other considerations:

  • Include an honest overview about how your group works, what level of support is available on the day etc
  • Make sure the form doesn’t put them off signing up.
    • If they aren’t tech savvy, a friend or family member could help complete the form on their behalf.
    • Be clear about the essential questions and why they are needed.
  • Make sure you have time to review the forms you receive in advance. The forms may reveal that participants have lots of needs which you are unable to support. It’s best to contact them with lots of notice, apologising that you can’t help at this time and suggesting they see their GP/speak to someone else in the support network (as relevant)